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Introduction to Linux:

Linux is a free "Open Source" operating system alternative to Microsoft Windows for your PC.   Volunteers all over the world have helped to create a system that once installed in your computer, it preforms many of the same functions, using many of the exact same programs you use now to watch videos, write documents, and surf the Internet.  Linux is immune to 99% of the viruses and malware which afflict computers today, allowing you total freedom and safety.

Benefits of Linux:

1) Linux is a FREE operating system written by programming volunteers world-wide.

2) All of it's behind-the-scenes code is security accountable.

3) Linux contains many of the same programs you use now.

4) It is possible to run many Microsoft Windows applications on Linux.

5) Linux is easy to operate and manage.  In many cases easier than Windows.

6) Linux runs on many existing computers without hardware upgrade.

7) Linux is 99% immune to viruses, malware, and spyware that infect Windows machines.
How to get started with Linux.

ORRTECH technicians recommend the flavors "Linux Mint" or "Ubuntu w/MATE" as an easy to use, Linux operating system for your PC.   It offers full security and is easy for any level of Windows or Macintosh user to adapt to quickly.   Applications like Firefox Browser, and Open Office come pre-installed, thousands of other great programs are a quick to install via it's "Package Manager".    Even Windows applications can be used. Virus and malware worries become a thing of the past.

After we do a quick test on your computer to make sure it is compatible, we save your existing data and upgrade your system to Linux.   It's a fast and easy install.

After using Linux for a while, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with Microsoft Windows.
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ORRTECH technicians know that anything new can feel intimidating.

There is very little to learn...

We install Linux in a way which allows anyone with a basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows to operate their computer as they did before.  Programs launch from desktop icons, or a start menu as they do in Windows.   Programs operate exactly like they do in Windows.

Many customers have discovered that updating their computers, keeping backups, and plugging in new hardware even easier than when they were running Microsoft Windows.