Jeff Ledger is a career technologist, bringing 25+ years of experience to you.

He is an expert/specialist in the following:

  • Computer design, assembly and repair.
  • Home and commercial network design and installation.
  • Electronics circuit design and production.
  • Internet technologies, including programming & website design.
  • Patient, personable instruction.

In his career, he has had experience in the following:

  • One on one computer instruction.
  • Classroom work as a CCNI & A+ Certification Instructor.
  • All levels of computer store operation from entry-level techincian to owner.
  • Involvement with all levels of computer wholesale.
  • Radio & webcasting co-host for a computer/electronics talk shows.
  • Electronics circuit design and product production.
  • Public speaking and presentation.
  • Technical writing and authoring.

He is passionate about the following:

  • Watching the "lights go on" when people learn about the computer or technology.
  • Seeing young people get involved with electronics and technology.
  • Global responsibility in technology from manufacturing to disposal.
  • Understanding technology in historical and human context.
  • Exploring ways in which technology can enrich lives.

Meet your technician: Jeff Ledger

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"I consider myself a 'guest' in your home or office.   It is my goal to provide expert level services while at the same time maintaining both a professional and non-stressful time of repair or instruction.  I never 'talk down' to my clients, seeking patient methods of helping others better understand the technology which they have around them.   When I examine a computer, I'm looking for both the solution to the problem I've been called for, as well as any needs which could save future service calls."


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