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A Universal Truth: Not all computers are created equal:

Many computer dealers (and "big box" retailers) work hard to purchase parts for their machines as inexpensively as possible, creating a computer to which they can add their markup.  Unbeknown to the buyer, these machines are generally constructed of parts which are of lower quality, resulting in premature hardware failures.   The machines are commonly referred to as "cost reduced".   We call them "quality reduced".

ORRTECH approaches the build of new computers in a completely different way.

We have a direct agreement with a very large corporate wholesale company who sells quality hardware directly to our clients.   We have carefully hand picked each component for quality and longevity.  This "Computer Kit" is then assembled by Orrtech, creating a computer which is more stable, and lasts longer than those created by other dealers and big box stores.  It's not rocket science!  Better materials inside the computer result in a better machine.

We are more interested in the brands and quality of the materials INSIDE the machine, than the name on a sticker on the outside of the box.

ORRTECH has built these carefully crafted computers for nearly the last ten years!   Each of our machines is "tailor made" to suit the needs of the customer.  Many of our customers have returned, years later with a working machine, looking to upgrade to their next Orrtech computer.

We have three levels of systems, with new Quad-core machines starting at $399.00.  
Purchase the only power you need, with expansion ability later as your needs change. These machines upgrade with the change of a single chip!  
(price as of 4/5/14, subject to change.)

We can install both Windows 7 or Linux at your choice!   The Linux Operating System is free of charge,  easy to use, and immune to common viruses, spyware, and malware.   Windows 7 can also be purchased from our supplier.

We will transfer existing data (or the existing hard drive) from your old machine, setup printers, Internet settings, etc so that when we are done, you are ready to play!  

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