Version 1.6

PropDOS can be obtained by downloading it's current source:  (Re-configurable)

PropDOS V1.6 :  PropDOS_v1_6_Mar9_2008   {Rename file with .zip extension to extract}

PropDOS can also be obtained on EEPROM from

EEPROM versions allow instant use of PropDOS without the requirement of a PropPlug to get started.
Because PropDOS is based on the free work of many programmers, it may NOT be sold for more than
the following:  Actual EEPROM Cost+$3.00+Actual Shipping Cost

This allows anyone providing PropDOS on EEPROM to re-coup their costs involved, not profit.

PropDOS thread on

For discussion or download of PropDOS, visit:
Another way to launch programs on your Propeller
SpinStudio boards with PropDOS installed can be purchased here