Q-Link Post Office

You may access the Q-Link Post Office from any of the Q-Link departments except the Customer Service Center.

Online Message (OLM) is a way to send a private message instantly to another Q-Link member who is currently online.  To send a private message press F7, select "Send an Online Message" and follow the instructions on your screen.
Electronic Mail (E-mail) is a way to send other Q-Link members messages when they are not online.  To send E-Mail press F7, select "Send E-Mail to someone's mailbox" and follow the instructions.  Be sure to wait for the message: "YOUR MAIL HAS BEEN TRANSMITTED" to ensure your letter is mailed.

When you have mail waiting to be read, you will see the word MAIL, displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen. To read it, press F7, select "Q-Link Post Office" and select "Read waiting E-Mail."  Your E-Mail will be displayed on your screen.

After you have read your E-Mail messages, you will have the option of erasing the message, saving it to disk, or answering it.