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Orrtech Service & Labor Rates:

While we have a fully equipped, full service techshop, we find that it is generally easier to bring our service direct to your home or office.   No fussing with cables, or lugging computers across town.  Most problems can be fixed on location.   If something needs to be taken to the shop for more extensive repair, we'll take care of it, and hook things back up upon returned repair.

We look at the whole computer.  Regardless of the issue, we'll take a few moments to examine the entire computer and many times provide you with tips for better operation to help you get the most out of your computer.   Typically a few small software adjustments can make a BIG difference in speed and performance.   You probably don't need a new computer, just a simple tune-up.

We specialize in the following systems: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, Linux (All brands).

Labor rates (as of 1/1/14)

Onsite & In-shop labor        $65.00 per hour.
Onsite diagnosis                *$55.00

*In the event of "catastrophic failure" where repairs would easily exceed 3 hours we offer a "labor lock" of 3 billing hours.   We don't bill past the 3rd hour.  (Applicable to home users only, this provides you the security of knowing that your service bill won't get out of hand.   The onsite diagnosis fee in credited back in this situation.)

Catastrophic failure includes any system which is not viable for repair, due to age or nature of damage.   It can also include, but not limited to systems which have hard drive failure, expensive hardware failure, or extensive virus infestation requiring repair and OS reload which generally would exceed 3 billing hours.

Bottom line.. we treat our customers how we would want to be treated..
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